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Katie Keeley Psychic Medium

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:37 pm

My name is Katie Keeley, I am a 3rd Generation, International Natural Psychic Medium who is also a Spiritual Healer.

This has come through my Mother's side of my family and goes back for generations.

I first started Seeing, Hearing, and Feeling Spirit when I was about 6yrs old.

I have worked regularly on Psychic Today for nearly 8 years, which I love as I am able to use my Compassion and Psychic abilities to help others see a way forward in their lives.

The Articles that have been written about me are in the Magazines of Spirit and Destiny, Prediction, Sunday Magazine of the News of the World, Chat Its Fate, Take That Fate & Fortune and I have been a Columnist in the paper Spiritualist International and the local Magazine of County Wicklow , S. Ireland. I have worked on the Radio Show, Radio City 96.5FM, LA Radio and Bolton FM but I'm not working for Bolton FM at the moment have appeared on Worldwide On-line Radio, CBS Radio in America reading for a well known celebrity and am now appearing on Bolton FM on a weekly basis. I have taught in America Ibiza Spain and Italy,

Psychic Development Workshops are very important to me and have taught in America, Ibiza, from my home One To One and via Skype.
I have also toured in America, Italy and the South of England.

I enjoy reading for Celebrities such as Peter Andre, Stephen Mulhern, Koo Stark, Tessa Dahl, Karen Dotrice, Ciara Chaplin,  Gemma Collins (Towie), Emma Noble, Sherrie Hewson, Kerry Catona and Craig Phillips (Big Brother).

My path in life is to deal with Humanity with Humility and as long as I am  helping somebody, then I am  happy.

I Specialise in numerology which is the study of numbers and I feel the finger prints of your soul. Numerology can be anything from your date of birth, the date of an important event and even your name. These numbers reduce to one number between 1 and 9 (Pythagoras Theory). Early next year will see the launch of my own numerology cards that I have designed myself to help others discover numerology and develop their own physic abilities.


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