Adele Green ~ Can you see me naked

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Adele Green ~ Can you see me naked

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 17, 2015 3:25 pm

Adele Green is a Transformation Specialist, a Qualified Coach, International Author of "Can You See Me Naked": Grow in a conscious relationship & Empowered Women and a Blogger who is passionate about creating resources for transformation for women who search for meaning in their lives.

About The Author

Adele have been in corporate retail business as a professional buyer, founded a private coaching and kinesiology practice and wrote a book about conscious relationships and abuse. Adele speaks out for gender equality and a heart-centred approach to leadership in her blogs, the media, radio and television. Adele also has personal coaching programs for individuals who are facing big changes and want to learn about soul-mirrors in their relationships.  You can join her FREE blogs,  book excerpt, empowerment CD,  or contact her about paid services: coaching, workshops and corporate talks.

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