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Our mission at Tantra Awakenings is to enable you to connect, heal & transform; living the life you desire through conscious breath, touch and coaching.

Tantra Awakenings is dedicated to the integration of you being; your sexuality, your physical and emotional health and your spiritual transformation through the exploration of Tantra

Karen O'Moore

I spent over 22 years of my adult life in media. Pushing myself to succeed so that others would be unable to judge me. And succeed I did. I left the corporate world as a Publisher/Managing Director of 2 multiple award winning magazines. I also sat on the Board of the Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa. I made my mark. And after 22 years, I sat at a desk too big for one person in a corner office that could host a ballroom dancing competition, thinking, “What am I doing?” I love working with people, helping them realise the full potential of who they intrinsically are. And here I sat, pushing out reports that no one would ever read. I finally, finally realised that I do not have to prove myself to anyone. It was time to take a step out into the universe.

Mark Sutton

I was originally trained and following a career in science, however I had always had an interest in people, sexuality, intimacy and relationships. I first came to Tantra in 1995, though in truth it had felt like something that had been with me all my life and the term Tantra just was putting a name to who I am. In the beginning of my tantric exploration I realised that I was embarking on a profound journey that would last a lifetime and challenge my preconceptions about sex, sexuality, intimacy and spirituality.

Contact Details

Tantra Awakenings
County Laois

Telephone Mark:- (+353) 083 397 8707

Telephone Karen:- (+353) 083 123 1686

We do not answer private/blocked numbers.

Email:- Info@tantraawakenings.org

Website:- www.tantraawakenings.org

FaceBook:- www.facebook.com/TantraAwakenings

Skype: TantraAwakenings


Please note that Booking is required.
Open Monday to Saturday 10am till 7pm by appointment only
Closed Sunday (except for workshops)


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