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Margi McAlpine Angel Connection

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Margi McAlpine is an experienced Spiritual Workshop Facilitator, Principal and Founder of The Angel Connection School of Africa.

Margi is a Master Teacher, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counsellor, Angel Card Reader, Egyptian Healing Practitioner and Past Life Regression Practitioner.

Margi has appeared on national television on Spirit Sundae, 3Talk and Free Spirit.

Margi has also been interviewed on numerous radio shows and written articles for various magazines as well as being in demand as a public speaker.

Margi also facilitates Spiritual workshops throughout South Africa.

Contact Details

Website Address ~
Telephone Number ~ +27 825 637 422
Skype ~ margimcalpine
Email Address ~

Workshops and Courses

Angel Workshops

Angel Workshops are a life changing experience and expose you to a new level of wisdom and understanding of the Angels, which will transform your life. You are given the tools, support and confidence to work with your Angels on a regular basis. You will learn to access and work with your Angels in all areas of your life. Angels are simple to work with and bring great joy. Angels are always positive, never negative, and teach us to be the same.

Teacher Training Course

This course is for those that are passionate, motivated and committed to working with the Angels and Ascension and wanting to pass their knowledge and passion onto others so that they too are empowered and enlightened. You do not have to be very experienced in your Spiritual abilities, but must be working from the heart with enthusiasm and integrity. Academic qualifications are not important. Your own personal  self development and the desire and passion to pass this onto others, is what counts.

Angel Readings

Angel Readings give you an Angelic perspective of what is happening in your life.
If you have problems, need guidance, confirmation, or are wanting to get onto your Spiritual Path, an Angel Reading will inspire you and point you in the right direction.
It will give you positive insights into making decisions and give you a positive outlook on your future. Readings can be done face to face, telephone or by Skype.

Margi is a very experienced Angel Card Reader and is a qualified Spiritual Counsellor.

Spiritual Counselling

Emotional problems that are not dealt with, eventually manifest themselves as physical problems.
Many of the dreaded diseases like cancer, aids etc. are often caused by anger that is not dealt with correctly and released.
When we add a little stress to the mix, it is like a time bomb waiting to detonate.
We live in a rushed and turbulent world, and very often people don’t have time or notice that their family and friends are having  emotional problems that are not being dealt with. Sometimes, people just feel that they have no one to talk to and confide in.
That is where Spiritual Counselling can help.
Margi is an experienced,  qualified Spiritual Counsellor who did her training at RAU

Past Life  Regression

Past Life Karma and experiences are sometimes carried forward into our present lives.  
This often makes us feel “stuck”, yet unable to understand where and why we have this problem.
Past Life Regression assists in removing and clearing this retarding influence to help us move forward.
We do however need to be “ready” to be able to access those lives and need to understand that it is not a quick “fix”.
Lessons can be learnt from our past lives and enlightenment releases and reawakens the spirit.
A series of Past Life Regression sessions is recommended, so that you can be assisted in the releasing and moving forward process.

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